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One aspect of my work experience which has proven to be both challenging and personally rewarding has been my involvement in all phases of communications towers. That includes the construction and initial setup of the communications equipment. It means doing the climbing and installation on the towers. It means tackling a problem and solving it for a client, doing it right the first time.

Our crews prefer to work close to home (when there's local work) but we have a good reputation working on the road as well in other markets.

Our rates vary by time of day and the task at hand.

We service inside the building with grounding and rack installation wiring, termination, and testing.

Outside, we are experienced in stacking, site maintenance, tower inspections, guy anchor repair, corrosion systems, lighting systems, fencing, roof repair, electrical and utilities trenching and H installation, L&A, P&T, and Sweep testing, PTP microwave systems, painting, and decommisioning.

We have performed full site builds, and work with other contractors to ensure project specifications and schedules are met.

We have performed maintenance on wind towers as well as water tanks, roof tops, and other non standard structures.

For more information, contact me by e-mail or phone me and I'll be happy to visit with you and discuss how we can help you in your particular situation.

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