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We enjoy working on complete projects from start to finish. Build-to-suit tower and communications facilities installations are the best. We also perform maintenance and inspections on both structures and radio systems. Our in house civil crews start the projects, and our tower crews finish the job up top - all in house.

We are available for modification work to radio systems and have done work on Broadcast, FM, AM, Television, Long haul, Microwave and Cellular.

Our backgrounds are in electrical engineering, telecom and network management, as well as Construction. We can provide RF engineering, structural analysis as well as site development services through partners with our construction firm.

Although our focus and opportunities recently have been primarily in RF, we also have experience and currently design, build, and maintain Hotel networks, ISP networks, CLEC and ILEC co-locations for inside plant services and wired networks.

We offer project management and help our clients implement complicated projects with multiple vendors and schedules in an orchestrated manner.

We pride ourself as a full-service telecom and microwave communications company with crews and experience to get the job done right the first time.

We work safely and our EMR rating is below 1.0. We are acustomed to the safety and daily reporting requirments of the larger project managment firms.

Our clients

Well, due to contract stipulations, we can't list most of our clients.

We have about 30 scheduled policy holders on our insurance. Some long term relationships with local clients span the last 4 years in business and we value their business. We have worked for some of the major carriers in the cellular industry, and a few of the nations top tower leasing firms. We have have performed work for the USFS, Dept of Reclamation, and USCG. References, certifications, and resume's upon request.

Thanks for visiting our site. We look forward to working with you.

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